ULTRA.VC Mission

Our mission is to help impact-driven startups to grow from 0 to 1.

Our big hairy audacious goal is to support founders in building businesses that will positively impact the quality of lives of 1 bn people.

At ULTRA.VC, we support and empower founders from the very first steps of the business lifecycle. Together we navigate through different stages of building a company, from working on an idea to fundraising and securing pre-seed investments.

We test and validate the initial hypothesis, help founders turn it into actual products, and help build early traction and scaleable sales processes. We share our knowledge and expertise, connect founders with the relevant experts, and the right resources, support them financially, and share the load of associated risks and stress.

Our focus is on the products that have the potential to make a significant impact on the quality of life and address the most pressing climate, social and psychological challenges of our time.

We are looking for teams leveraging cutting-edge disruptive technologies as we believe these technologies to have immense potential to change how people live and interact in the nearest future.

We are interested in working with founders, that are passionate about solving problems that lie in one of the following areas (but not limited to)

and if you are looking to use the technologies such as (but not limited to) AI, Web3, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and others.


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**ULTRA.VC Manifesto**

Creating impact and change is all about the state of mind. We’re at the beginning of a journey, without knowing where it would take us. Without seeing the road that is ahead. We dance through this journey, embracing the constant change that is around us today. Moving in the way that feels most alive. Seeking opportunities to be agents of positive change in the world.

We believe in entrepreneurs, visionaries, playful explorers, and trailblazers ready to challenge the status quo. We foster authentic expression and environments that stimulate everyone to embrace their potential.

We seek those who dream big, are grounded in reality, and see it as a source of inspiration. Those who are ready to embrace an entrepreneurial journey, create new structures, and see what it feels like to create something new. We support them in their journey to transform the world by providing access to capital, expertise, talents and tools needed for accelerating their impact and business growth.

We stand for eco-centric, not ego-centric collaborative environments. We believe in capital for good, not capital for capital. We build a space where founders can safely play, experiment, express their ambitions and drive to build impact-focused businesses. For the world.


ULTRA.VC Culture

  1. We work with mission-driven founders.

The founders most likely to succeed are the ones who have an innate ambition not just to be an entrepreneur, but to create positive change. They have a clear vision of how the world/industry could be better, are obsessed with bringing that vision to life, and can translate that obsession into an inspiring mission.

They live the mission on a daily basis and use it as a guidepost for any important decision. If a certain project won’t help the company get closer to realizing the mission, a mission-driven founder won’t pursue it – even though it might be an attractive business opportunity. Or if a potential new employee doesn’t seem truly excited about the mission, a mission-driven founder won’t hire him or her – even if they might be incredibly talented.

  1. We help founders build companies.

We provide founders with tailor made support, guidance, network and funding to build a scale a company.

  1. We foster a culture of ongoing experimentation and learning.

We thrive on the principle of ongoing experimentation and learning, driving innovation, and growth while cultivating a team of resilient, adaptable, and forward-thinking individuals.